About EXEO International Matchmaker

EXEO is one of the oldest dating services, dating back to the 1990's.
We host parties tailored for all kinds of occasions in 87 cities all over Japan. We hope you will attend one of our parties.



There is a huge demand for international matchmaking in Tokyo, so we decided to address the need as we are the most knowledgeable in this business. Our parties are always full of Japanese women, ranging from all kinds of professions such as Ikebana artists to rocket scientists, who are searching for a partner. We want everyone to enjoy our parties and hope that people can find their other halves in life. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing succeessful couples made from our parties.

Why come to our party?

Basically to have fun, socialize, make new friends, and ultimately, find your soul mate! Feel safe as we require ID verification for all events. It is 2,000 yen to attend and there are no hidden fees. We wish you good luck on this journey.